The digital agent


The web-based clarification platform DIGITAL AGENT is the new work tool for clarification agents and shipbrokers in all German seaports. DIGITAL AGENT supports the daily work processes, ensures a significant increase in efficiency and thus reduces costs. The platform automates sub-processes, integrates customer and service partners and ensures transparency across the entire supply chain. DIGITAL AGENT is constantly updated, impresses with its intuitive user guidance, self-explanatory icons and a clear structure.

available everywhere

Whether tablet, PC or smartphone – DIGITAL AGENT runs equally on all end devices. The DIGITAL AGENT can be easily opened and managed with any browser.

role allocation

DIGITAL AGENT offers everyone user-defined access. So can provide relevant information depending on the requirement can be entered and viewed at any time.


In order to facilitate the flow of communication and the query of relevant data, interfaces to ERP systems, ship databases and accounting systems are available.


The clear menu navigation of the DIGITAL AGENT offers quick orientation at first glance. Customers (shipowners, charterers) have the opportunity
nominate their ship call directly.

At a glance

All necessary information for the ship registration can be entered. DIGITAL AGENT distributes the information to traffic jams, pilots, tugs, other service providers and authorities.

Proforma billing

The proforma port cost accounting can be created without any problems since services, tariffs and service partners can be stored for the individual clarification port.


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